Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Breaking Through the Nutshell

I just received my first award! Thank you to the lovely Amanda Sablan for passing this on to me :)

Okay, so what you're supposed to do here is list 10 facts that are not common knowledge and pass them along to other wonderful bloggers. Unfortunately, not many of the things I currently know are unknown, so you are going to have to settle for things you don't know about mE!

It hit me when I started to write this that I actually did something similar a few months back here, so I needed to think of 10 other things you don't already know.

Sooo, without further ado:

1. I love to cook and invent new (sometimes strange) dishes/desserts - I have invented the "Bumuco". What is it you ask? Why, it's a cross between a biscuit, a muffin and a cookie, quite tasty, and quite discovered by accident when a cookie recipe went wrong ;).

2. I detest cold weather - and the older I get, the more I hate it. I would love to live some place where it is warm and sunny year round.

3. I have a secret dream of owning a library like the one in Disney's Beauty and the Beast.

4. I am probably the most indecisive person you will ever meet when it comes to buying things - food, clothes, shoes, furniture - you name it. It takes me forever to decide whether or not I want something. The only things I'm always sure about buying are books and movies.

5. I love making lists. I have a list for everything. Groceries, plots, characters, travel plans, music, etc.

6. I can't walk straight. I don't know why or how this occurs, or if I am totally unbalanced, but people are always telling me that I am pushing them off the sidewalks.

7. Sometimes when I see people, I imagine out entire stories for them in my head.

8. I am way too shy--crowds and being the center of attention make me verrrrry nervous.

9. I think I have a very developed sense of smell. I seem to be able to pick up on smells much faster than other people - comes in handy if food is going bad, and no one else can tell!

10. I am unable to sleep unless the curtains are tightly drawn (or if the closet door is open). I have to get up and close them if I see even the tiniest sliver of light. Regardless though, I am an insomniac.

Done! That was so much harder than I thought it would be!

Alrighty, I shall now pass this on to these awesome bloggers:

Justine @ Justine Dell
Jemi @ Just Jemi


Melissa said...

Okay. I started laughing hilariously the second I saw this! I got my first award and I passed it along to you as well, so I guess now we both have the same day!

Not only do I think that is hilarious. I couldn't help but notice glaring similarities between us.

1. I throw random foods together all the time and invent random things (though none as evolved - with names and such - as yours)

3. The beauty and the beast library is dream!

4. I am indecisive about everything. When making a's almost impossible because I want everything all the time!

6. I walk sideways...all the time. My mom used to get on my case so much that now i consciously alternate from side to side so now I just zig zag.

7. I do this all the time.

10. I have insomnia too (though you know this already) and I am hella paranoid about my curtains being closed at all times.

I love getting to know more about the bloggers I follow. But man. It was hard for me to come up with seven things....and now I have to come up with ten more. Oh well, a task for tomorrow I suppose!

PS. The versatile blogger award I tagged you in is at my blog!

Aubrie said...

Congrats on your award! I detest cold weather as well. In the winter I wear pants underneath my dresses to stay warm. I hate being cold!

JustineDell said...

Our lists are oddly similar.

Oh! And tell me how to make the Bumuco! I have to know ;-)

Thanks for the award!


Lindsay (a.k.a Isabella) said...

Congrats on the award.
I want a library like in Beauty and the Beast too. :)

WritingNut said...

Melissa - Haha, that's crazy! And we DO have a lot in common! Thanks so much for the award!! :)

Aubrie - Thank you very much! :) I wear pants under my PANts too!

Justine - Ahhhh.. I never wrote it down and it's been a while! But you what - I will make it again very soon because I roughly remember the mistakes which resulted in it, and I will write down each thing I do - juuust for you :)

Lindsay - Thank you! Sigh, it really is my dream library :).

Nicole MacDonald said...

Eeeee thank you!! Gonna have to figure out my 10 things now.. will post on my blog shortly - and I love that library too!

Anonymous said...

The Bumuco sounds yummy! And I hate hate HATE cold weather too, but maybe that's because I've never lived anywhere cold.

Good list! #6 especially. :]

WritingNut said...

Nicole - You're welcome!

Amanda - It is! I'm going hopefully post the recipe here soon - I have to make them again. Haha, tell that to the people who end up walking on the road :S.

Jemi Fraser said...

Thank you so much! You just made my day - I just got home & it's been another long one, so thank you!! :)

I want that library too - maybe if we all chip in and live together we can afford it!

WritingNut said...

Jemi - You're very welcome :). I'm so glad!

Le sigh - wouldn't that just be wonderful? I think there are enough of us here who want it too :D.

Stephanie Thornton said...

I love the Beauty and the Beast library too. I've dedicated a whole room in my house as a library, but my husband hasn't built the bookshelves yet.

Congrats on your award!

Anonymous said...

Your #8- my characater COra
#10- ME!!! all the way