Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Peeking out from the Dungeon

Ah guys, I've been a horrible blogger this month I know, and I'm sorry! I promise things will be better in the New Year.

Work has been crazy and I've also managed to catch the worse flu I've had in ages during the last 4 days. Yup... guess how I spent Christmas Day ;)

I'm a little dizzy now even as I write this (please excuse any typos), but I've missed my computer! And I've missed you guys!

I have lots of updates to share, but they will have to wait... until the New Year, when I will return bright and shiny and fresh :D.

I hope everyone is doing well, and enjoying the holidays, as well as a little down time. I'll be around in the next couple of days to visit you all.

See you soon, and Happy Holidays!

Monday, December 6, 2010

What's YOUR Story?

So today I wanted to share a little bit more of my journey to date with you, and briefly touch upon the ever present self-doubt.

Everyone is different. And although we share this common goal of writing, being published, and we go through a lot of similar situations, the experience is unique to each one of us.

I've been trying to write this novel for about 2 years now... yes, 2 years. You have no idea how much my outlook on things have changed since I started, and it's all for the better.

I honestly used to think I'd write the book in one month, send it out the next, and it would be published by the end of the year... yeah.. DOH... what rock was I living under, right?

I think there are a very, very lucky few of us who actually have a fairytale story of being being able to begin and end our journey in a matter of months because it just all worked out. And kudos to them :)

I started writing my novel back in November of 2008. Then I stopped. Scrapped it. Then started again in February of 2009, then scrapped it too and well... you get the picture.

The first time round I wrote 65k and it took me almost a year of blood and sweat, and then I scrapped it yet again.

Because I worried. And I kept doubting myself. I kept wondering if I was good enough. I'd read books and stories that seemed too similar to mine, and end up in full panic mode because I really loved my story and didn't want to have to change it.

The thing is... all this worry... all this self doubt, was just holding me back. And to be completely honest with you, I still have all these fears. I always will. I am human after all :)

The only thing that's changing (hasn't changed completely yet) is my attitude towards it all. And the fact that I'm allowing myself to move forward regardless.

Right now, I'm still writing that same story--it's changed quite a bit along the way, but it won't let me go.

So what if there's a story like yours?

So what if there are books out there better than yours?

There will always stories similar to yours and there will always be books out there better than yours... that doesn't mean you shouldn't try. It just means you should try harder, believe in yourself, and don't give up.

And remember, only you can write like you... regardless of what the story is.

So give that doubt a run for his money.

You've got it in you. It's your turn to shine :)

What do you guys do when you feel like doubt is threatening to take over? What's your journey been like so far? I'd love to hear your story :)

Friday, December 3, 2010

The Verdict's In.. Which side do you choose?

It's hard to believe we're in December already, isn't it? Where did the year go?

Thank you all for your comments regarding my NaNo inquiry a couple of weeks ago :).

I've decided that I won't officially post it on the site, even though I think it counts halfway (50k in 30 days, right?). But just to adhere to the rules and the spirit of NaNo, I'll just keep it here between us ;)

The fact of the matter is that I know I did it, and what's more, now I know I can do it.

I think that's what the driving factor was from the very start... overcoming that self-doubt and pushing myself to see if I could.

Because I didn't believe I could.

There's just too much going on in my life, it's almost impossible to balance and it's just so... hard. But I think this was just my excuse... something to make me feel better about tottering on the edge of the fence, afraid to see what might be on the other side.

I'm going to delve a bit more into the power of doubt and its inhibiting role on Monday, but today I wanted talk about pushing yourself to do things you never thought were possible.

50k... heck, even 20k is no small feat. It's a lot of work, and it takes a lot of commitment, perseverance and time--which is something we never seem to have enough of. And it's always more or less depending on what stage of life you're in.

But you can do it.

You just have to believe in yourself that much, and know that even if you don't get to it today, you will get to it. Just don't give up.

Because this is your dream. And you want it that badly.

We can't always follow our schedules... life, kids, families, work... don't always allow for things to be cookie cutter perfect, but that's okay. Don't beat yourself up over the small things. They'll always be there - we just have to learn to accept them.

My goal for this weekend is to finish the novel. I haven't touched it for two weeks. I'm about 4k away, but I know it will take a bit more than that to tie up the loose ends, but I am going to do it.

Because now I know I can.

And I hope you know you can too. At the end of the day, you can't stay on the fence forever--you need to pick a side, and the positive side is a heck of a lot nicer than the one filled with doubt.

And of course you know it's sharing time :)

Have you ever felt this way about your writing, or anything else? Did you ever accomplish something that you thought wasn't possible? How did you feel?

I hope you all have a wonderful, inspiring, and hopeful weekend!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Hurry... You Don't Want to Miss This!!

Hi Everyone,

I have a very special announcement for you all today!

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And you don't even need a Kindle to read it! You can just download the software, and off you go :D

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Okay, are you not excited for this? I know I am! Alright, stop wasting time here, and GO! :D

p.s. I apologize for my long absence - I'll be back to regular posting on Friday!