Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Woes for Wednesday

Hi Everyone!

I have returned (in case you didn't know I was gone ;) ). I apologize for my absence sans explanation, but I have had the craziest week, and all involving my computer (which despite the trouble it has given me since last Friday, I refuse to speak ill of).

So, let's backtrack a tiny bit.

To make a very, VERY long story short, basically, my computer broke down last Friday, and I mean, it completely died.

This is why I haven't been able to get on to post or visit any of you.

I'm sorry! I've been like a fish out of water these past few days. You never realize how much you depend on something until you're FORCED to live without it!

It was absolutely horrible! And even though I KNOW to back my work up (I had another near mishap in the summer), I hadn't saved my MS since Monday. Now there was only a 10 page difference, so I wasn't too anxious, but still, I had no computer!

And this is what made me very nervous.

So my friend, who is a computer genius, instructed me on everything that could have gone wrong, and I ended up spending a ton of cash I didn't have to get parts (it may have been cheaper to just buy a new computer) He then took apart my entire computer, installed, and reinstalled, swapped hardware.... you name it, he did it.

And the thing STILL didn't work!

In the end, he told me to just take it into a professional. I agreed, extremely disappointed, wary and upset. Yeah, people.... I can't live without my computer!

I suggested that he put it back together in its original state, to which he complied, apologizing profusely for not being able to fix the problem

And guess what?

Yup... you guessed right.

The thing unexpectedly started working.

As of right now, it still is and I have NO idea what caused it to stop in the first place, how it started working again, and how long it's going to live for, but you can bet I've spent the last couple of days backing up ALL my stuff ;)

And yes, the additional happy ending? I was able to return everything for a full refund!!

So that's my Wednesday tale of woe... I'm sorry for not having a snazzy quote for you today.

But I am so happy to be back, it was like seeing sunlight after a month when I opened my blog :D

Yes, you're right... I probably do need more of a life.

Do you guys have any tales to share? I hope everyone's NaNo writing is going well!


KarenG said...

I've been gone, too. When I'm leaving the blogosphere for awhile I schedule posts as it's part of my sick little game to pretend like I'm still here and haven't been anywhere. But haha I couldn't help myself, I had to tell on myself. Good luck getting everything booted back up.

Colene Murphy said...

Weird!! Glad it's alive again though! I'm completely lost without a computer too...Can imagine how hard it was!

Anna Zagar said...

I had a similar scare this weekend (but not as prolonged, nor as dramatic). I was typing for a good solid hour without saving my work when the power went out. THANK GOD for auto save. I'm pretty good about backing up my work when I get done writing, by emailing it to myself to three different accounts in addition to saving it to my computer. But I don't save AS I WRITE nearly often enough. Whew! I almost vomited. Can't imagine how you felt pre-resurrection...

Melissa said...

Well, it seems like that story has a relatively happy ending. Was all of your stuff on your computer returned to the most recently saved state?

At least everyone took the parts back for a refund.

Computers are strange

I did notice you were gone :)

Carole Anne Carr said...

Good to see you again. My Nano is none existent at the moment, hope yours is progressing!

Jamie Gibbs (Mithril Wisdom) said...

Welcome back :) That's a hell of a tale, and I'm glad everything is working again. Fingers crossed it'll stay fucntional for a while to come.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

It's frustrating when that happens! All that troubleshooting and you've no idea what happened.
Since I'm online less now, I find I miss visiting my bloggy buddies, too.

Kenda said...

It's encouraging to see that a story of woe can turn out to have a happy ending! Another reminder to self that I should be backing my stuff up more regularly than I do--so thanks for sharing :-)

Jemi Fraser said...

Yikes! That's awful! I'm so glad it's working again. Mine died in the spring and I didn't have it for almost a month. It was under warranty, but they had to send it away. It was horrific! So glad yours is running. Make sure you back up your stuff!

The Red Angel said...

Ooh, I'm sorry that happened with your computer but I'm glad it's back to working now! :) It's nice to have you return to the blogosphere.


Anonymous said...

Isn't technology grand? ...... :P

My curent computer works like a charm but the one before this one... God, it was bad. Constantly freezing, slow page load-up, viruses popping up out of nowhere, multiple pop-up notices talking about "the module cannot be found," whatever that means...

But this is why I am a freak about saving. Sometimes I will literally save my work even after making a single change or addition. Yes, I'm crazy. xD