Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Status Update #2 and GOAL Update #1

It's honestly been crazy these past few weeks. I know it's because summer is coming to an end (I really don't want it to!), kids are going back to school, people are returning from vacation, etc. -- so things are picking up.

Progress has not stalled however!

Where am I now?


I'm not sure if that's good or if I'm writing slowly, but it's impressive to me! Especially considering where I was not too long ago. :)

I'm going to start doing regular status updates--I'll probably try for a weekly post to recap word count, and any other intriguing tidbits that may happen in my not so intriguing life.

Alright, let's set a goal (since where would we be without them?):

GOAL #1:

60,000 words by the end of October 2009

Attainable? I think so. I just need to stay focused.

Wish me luck.

I'm bone tired right now--it's been a long day, but I'm going to go try and finish this chapter and get started on the next one. We are currently on Chapter 9.

Bye for now!

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