Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Insecure Writer's Support Group: OMG.. is it REALLY 2012?

So... uh... did anyone notice that 2012 just sort of snuck up on us? No? Is it just me?

Happy New Year guys!!!!

I think I may have officially won the award for worst blogger these last couple of months. I'm currently in the middle of a fantastic cold that I managed to get RIGHT before New Year's Eve... so it sort of delayed my return even more... *hides face in shame*

I was looking at last year's resolutions (naturally), and I realized I'd come down with the flu during the holiday season in 2010 as well. Weird, huh?

I don't think I'm going to make a list of resolutions this year... I'm terrible with them... but I will make just one though, and it's in honor of our monthly Insecure Writer's Support Group (which by the way, is an awesome way to start the new year and return to blogging - thanks Alex!).

And here it is:


That's it.

(And it's so serendipitous how this theme seems to be EVERYWHERE lately ;) )

Sometimes this is the hardest part of being a writer... believing in yourself.

I know it's something I've struggled with tremendously in the past year. Some days have seemed beyond bleak, and I wondered what I was trying to prove. Why I continued to tread down this path when most of the time it seemed like I was getting nowhere.

It's not true. Every single process, every erased word, every daunting scene, every rewrite, every mistake made, every lesson learned... they move us forward.

So deep down, I know why I don't give up... even if I forget sometimes.

I love it.

Plain and simple. It makes me feel peace in this world of chaos. All the tiny pieces of my heart and soul that are tugged in a million different directions throughout each and every day all slip back into place when I look at that page.

I feel alive.

It reminds me of who I am, of my hopes and dreams... without writing, a piece of me is missing. A part of me goes dark and hollow and I never realize what is bothering me until I pick up that pen again.

And... because I DO believe in it... more than I have anything else.

I've been working on this book for 3 years now. 3 YEARS. I know the exact day I started it. It's been through several overhauls, and there are probably several more to come.

But I believe in it. I will keep believing in it. And I believe in each and every one of you. And I will keep believing in each and every one of you.

So there we have it... my resolution for this year... I'm going to believe in me and you, and all that we can do.

I wish everyone an awesome 2012... filled with oodles of agent requests and book deals and author signings. And here's hoping... no BELIEVing... that all of our dreams come true.

Because they will, guys. They will :)

What are your resolutions for the new year?