Sunday, November 22, 2009

Nomad November

I am bone tired. Honestly. It's the end of November and I have been shirking everything (personal) in the worst way possible. Not only am I not writing or blogging--I even signed up for NaNoWriMo for the first time ever--but I am now not sleeping as well. Not that the latter is anything new.

Ah--I hate and love my day job. It pays the bills. But it just doesn't compare to the feeling I get when I'm writing. In addition, there have been some recent changes for me that I have not quite made up my mind about. Ultimately--it's requiring more of my time, because it's an area that I am not exactly familiar with.

November Word Count: 0

The glaring number is continuously taunting me. I will not be defeated however! I am everywhere right now, doing everything - except what I truly want and need to be doing. I am going to start writing again - as soon as things settle down, and I have a sad, sad feeling that it won't be until December.

I refuse to give up. I've started jotting down my ideas in my notebook on the train in longhand, but have not had a chance to type anything up as yet. It's like this story is living in my head, taking shape and staking its claim, constantly there, keeping me awake at nights (and on the train ;) ), and I won't get any rest until it's out. I've grown extremely attached to my characters - even now, when I have not visited them for so long. They are waiting patiently for my return, and I truly hope I don't let them down.

I think about it constantly, and it's almost painful that it can only exist in my tired mind for now. I'm anxious to get my new ideas formulated and down on paper.

December... It's just around the bend....

Bye for now!

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