Sunday, September 27, 2009

Almost There



Honestly, I'm flying through these chapters. My characters have really come to life. I'm a little worried that I need to add more however. The entire book is just revolving around these two people. More are on the way, but it's important that readers see the dynamic relationship between the two.

I need to cap it off though and I've just realized that I'm barely halfway through the book. I think 80 more pages will put me at 245 pages (but this is at 1.5 paragraph spacing). I need to double space and figure out exactly what font I'm supposed to be using and what this printer's rule count is all about.

I've come across several amazing blogs--many of which I will be linking to very soon, and they have a wealth of information that I hadn't even known I needed to think about. It seems so easy--write a book, and then publish it. There is SO much more that happens in between--I can't believe I've been so ignorant.

I'm not thinking too much about publishing right now (not yet), I'm so excited to finish this project. I need to go through some veritable editing after (I've left out a very significant chapter at the beginning because I needed to go back and word it correctly, but the rest of the book just took off and I never went back).

I'm 5000 words away from my word count goal of 60k before the end of October. I think I will be reaching it before the end of September--even though it's not too far away!

It's an amazing feeling, knowing that the end is so near. I've barely scratched the surface though--this is just the setup for what's to come. I hope that makes sense. I'm sort of bubbling over with excitement. Does anyone know the feeling I'm referring to? I think I need to wrap everything up within the next 40,000 words, and I'm starting to wonder if I can.

Okay, I'm going to head back to it--just wanted to do a quick update.

Bye for now!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Onwards and Upwards

I have returned. It's been a while since my last post, but I have been extremely productive!

Where am I now with respect to word count?


I am actually quite stunned.

I had no idea I could get out that much in such a short period of time. Everytime I look at the page numbers, I'm floored. I can't believe I was able to even write that much at all. Prior to this, I have never even made it past 50 pages. That's the absolute most I have ever written.

To see the page numbers in the hundreds... well, it's just amazing. If I can continue like this, I may just actually meet my word count goal for the end of October. I may even be further!

You know what's kind of weird? I'm barely following the outline that I did back in July. I am a little bit, but my main male character seems to be doing his own thing completely. He's honestly been surprising me. Is that normal? It's never happened to me before--usually everything takes place as I want it to happen. With this book however, he's really taking control!

I mean--everything is still leading up to where it's supposed to, but the "in between stuff" is taking on a whole new shape.

I'll see when I go back and re-read if I'm going to keep his recent actions. I know exactly what type of guy he should be, but he's been acting out a little bit.

That's it for today--I'm going to try and post more often too.

Bye for now!